Erroneous Read Receipts

K9 is sending false “Read” receipts. Read receipts are being sent upon delivery, well before being read. “I have a Read Receipt that says you read my email!” “Ahh… Nope. I have not even opened my email yet today…”

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K-9 Mail currently does not support sending a read receipt. The “delivery receipt” is most likely sent by your mail server when it receives the message. See Return receipt - Wikipedia

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I considered that the mail server was doing it and triple checked those settings. Not sure what else to do from here.

Contact your email provider. It’s possible that they don’t offer the option to turn off those delivery notifications.

Did you see my screenshot?

There’s read receipts and there’s delivery receipts. They’re not the same thing.

Just sent an email from Account A to Account B (the one who’s settings are in the screenshot above). As soon as Account B downloaded the message Account A received this “Read” receipt.

K-9 Mail does not send receipts of any kind. Please contact your email provider to find out what’s going on.