Erase deleted messages on server - function unclear

What does the setting “Erase deleted messages on server” (Fetching mail) do exactly? Does it also affect the time when deleted messages are marked as read? (if you choose the third option of the previous setting)

What does “manually” mean? Manual polling (swipe refresh)?

I would like to improve the German translation to discern it better from the other option “When I deleted a message”
Currently the German version is a bit misleading/irritating in the way it is written.

Also: Erase deleted messages on server should be hidden from the settings when “Do not delete on server is set”. Not because it’s necessary but to highlight better how they are correlated.
I might open a github issue for this.

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Looking forward to an answer because I can’t figure out how to make K9 to only mark messages as deleted. I thought that’s what “manually” meant but apparently it doesn’t.