Enhancement request: resize attached photos before sending

After migration from an old android-blackberry I started using k9.
I searched, but only found people asking if this feature could be implemented. Using 3rd party app to resize images before adding as attachement is possible but not so easy, especially when sending photos as a reply and not as a initial message…

Is this feature on the “wish list” or is there a decision not to implement this feature?

thanks for k9

this free and open source app implements the functionality you’re looking for, in a modular fashion so that you can use it in different contexts. It doesn’t integrate into the file picker, so you may need to convert images before attaching them. It is using the android share intent system, i.e. in any file or image viewer, you share the image you want to make smaller, pick Imagepipe, and it will 1) save the processed image in Pictures/Imagepipe/, 2) offer it for sharing again, if you chose k9 in that dialog, you will end up with a blank mail compose activity with the image as an attachment. I’d probably be happy with the saved images in Pictures/Imagepipe, use back button to drop 2nd sharing chooser and leave imagepipe, and then pick the files to attach from there. Easier than it sounds once you got the hang of it, and bein able to use the feature with different apps, makes up for the extra click, IMO

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