Empty Outbox after sending email?


I didn’t find the answer while looking through the menus, in the FAQ, and in the archives.

I just started using K9 on Android. I notice that the Outbox remains empty even after successfully sending an e-mail. Why is that? Can it be changed, so that I keep a local copy while on the road?

Thank you.

The Outbox folder only stores messages that have yet to be sent. Once a message has been sent, it is uploaded to the Sent folder, provided there’s one configured under Settings → [Account] → Folders → Sent folder and Settings → [Account] → Sending mail → Upload sent messages is enabled.

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Thanks. K9 won’t let me choose a “Sent” folder to save… sent messages.

I guess I’ll choose Inbox, but they’ll get mixed with incoming messages :-/

Edit: Since it seems impossible to either create a new folder or rename one of those used on the IMAP server… I’ll just use the one called “Commercial” although it makes no sense.

Which mail provider are you using?
Can you see a “Sent” folder or similar on the web-frontend of your mail account - assuming this is available

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There’s no Sent folder on the server, that explains.

I’ll just use one of the other folders, although their name doesn’t match.

Thank you.

K-9 Mail currently doesn’t support creating new folders. However, you should be able to use another email client or the web interface of your email provider to create a new folder. K-9 Mail will pick up that new folder when you refresh the folder list and then allow you to use it as the Sent folder.