Emails sent from k9 not being received by recipients

It appears that emails i an sending are not being received. I do not know if this is all emails sent but know for sure ones sent on Monday 8/22 approximately 1:52 to 1:58 and again at 6:20pm est.

I had a few others i would have to go back and research.

what is your smtp server? there are some servers, e.g., hostgater, that are aren’t following the standards and are dumping mail sent from K-9 (and likely other clients).

you can search “hostgater”, and other things like “destination” to get a more complete discussion of this issue.

you should probably edit your post and remove your recipient’s email address – don’t want them being spammed.

I thought this only went to k9 support.

This is a forum where anybody can read, nothing private here.