Emails selected with dark theme not easy to perceive


With dark theme when I select emails the background changes in a wine color. this color is very difficult to distinguish from black when there is a little light.
I use the dark theme to reduce the power consumption of my device, not just the night.
Is it possible to choice a different background color ?

No. Not possible at present.

Thank you for this feedback Figgerty, even if it doesn’t suit me.
Can we know if this will be one of the next improvements ?
As an ergonomist I’m sensitive to user experience.
In any case this application is really great, thanks to all those who contribute to it.

How much battery do you have left at the end of our normal day?

Saving energy by dark mode is not as effective as many people think. At the MobiSys 2021 (that’s a science conference), researchers from Perdue have shown how little you actually save. So you might be better of just using the normal theme to increase legibility of mails.

An article from Perdue on the study.

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Thank you for your help.
This article is very interesting.
I understand that with oled screens, brightness is the most important factor in consumption.
At average levels, the difference between dark and light modes is negligible. But it can be as much as forty percent if brightness is at 100%.
For me, the solution is to switch to light mode and manage the brightness.