Emails randomly moved to trash

For about two weeks now, I notice that emails “randomly” end up in trash.
It usually are messages that I read and then marked unread to revisit them later.
Next time I open K9 they are gone. And when I search for them they aren’t found using k9, but on my desktop I can find them in trash

I can’t reproduce the behavior reliably, but it’s happened with more than two dozen emails in the last two weeks, so I highly doubt that this is user error…

Latest version on Android. IMAP connection to a dovecot instance that I managed myself.


Just a guess: I see that the button for read/unread action and delete action are neighbours. Could it be that you hit the wrong button accidentally?

Another idea: Notification buttons. Maybe you accidentally press the “delete” notification action in your pocket. There is a setting in Settings » General » Notifications » Allow Deletion that could maybe help.

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