Emails not showing up in Unified Inbox

I am using K-Mail Beta Version 6.705. Is this the latest version?
I am using a Galaxy S21+ Android phone.
I have 5 email accounts connected to K-9 Mail.
I have an issue that started a couple of days ago that my Unified Mailbox shows no Emails.
When I open the Unified Mailbox the screen does not display any Emails.
If I do a search for a word in an Email (from the Unified Mailbox), it will shows the emails that contain that word.
4 of my 5 email account appear to work OK.
1 Email account, the INBOX folder also is blank when in open it, but other folders appear fine.
I have tried turning OFF and restarting my phone and this did not help.
Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

Yeah, I came here for this. As of the latest beta (Pixel 6 Pro, K9 6.705) my Unified Inbox is not showing.

I think it’s more fundamental than thinking it’s blank, I wonder if an error is aborting out the display.

For my case, my Unified Inbox only has two accounts feeding it, my home one (IMAP) and GMail. The Gmail Inbox is showing up fine when selected separately, but the home one is not, so I suspect that is “polluting” the unified view. Other first-class accounts off my home account are working fine, so it seems tied to (at least) my home inbox.

Another account’s Inbox on my same home server (but which does not feed the Unified Inbox) also shows up OK, so it’s not server-triggered.

Addendum, this may be: IMAP folders are empty · Issue #6980 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub — suspect this is not the forum (NPI) for beta issue discussions?