Emails disappearing from inbox after reading

So changed my email address and set it up with K9. I deleted my old email address and so I only have one email address setup on K9.

When I get a new email to my new address, it shows up in my inbox. However, after I read it and close out of K9, the email completely disappears. It is no longer found in my inbox, trash or anywhere in the app. It is just gone. No. I am no deleting them. I want to keep the emails. They are important.

This never happened with my old Gmail account which was set up exactly the same (pop3).

What is going on?


Can you check on you web mail portal if the mails are really gone?

Also, which mail provider do you use?

I have found a thread which describes some similar behavior. Is it the same with you?

check your mailbox sort order. if you have it as “read/unread” the message will fall to the bottom when read - and so seemingly disappear.

separately, i would really suggest not using pop3. some people have use cases where it seems to do what they want and imap won’t, but in general imap will serve you better.

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