Emails being deleted

Mail being deleted on pc n tablet when I delete of my Android phone. Which is a total no no. I can not keep a lot of emails on my cell so I deleted them and when I got home and opened up my mail everything was gone and that is no right at all. I do not know if I had any orders or what. I have K9 mail on my cell and thunderbird on my tablet and Desktop PC and everything was wiped completely.

Check at

Settings / account / Fetching Mail /

  • When I delete a message
    Most probably set to “delete on server”
  • Erase deleted messages on server
    For me it is “Immediately”

Are you using IMAP or POP3? On IMAP (the prefered way on K9) it should only keep a few mails locally, this also can be configured and should be 25 or 50 by default.

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