Emails are not sent after version upgrade

I also have problems sending emails, since the upgrade to version 5.806, sent emails appear under the “Sent” folder but none of them reach their destination.
I’m also using [] as my host. Before the version upgrade all worked well
This is a critical issue that must be resolved ASAP.
Anyone has a solution?


Hi, I guess this is a duplicate of

Same with me. I’m using K9 for many years and this has never happened.
To clarify: there is no issue with the email host as when I send emails through my laptop via microsoft exchange it works perfectly using the same email credentials.
It looks like a problem with the new K9 version.
It seems there is a serious bug that needs to be quickly resolved.

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Please continue the discussion in the thread linked above, so the discussion is not spread across 2 different threads, making it hard to follow.