Emails are deleted accidently!

Dear all, I use version 6.309 (auto updated on my android mobile). I have 2 mail accounts and I use the common inbox where both accounts emails are in.

I also use there to use a star / favorites mark to have one message on top for example. Then, when new messages come in, I open the latest (downmost) of the new, read it and mostly delete it with the bin symbol on the top. My sort order is newest on top.

It happens, that I delete a message, and it shows up again - then If I hit the bin button again, it deletes another, non opened email in the list! I find it back in the trash folder but it is very dangerous and easy to delete a wrong one. Also it happens, that after deleting the 2nd last new email, the newest comes up opened but without a delete (bin) symbol. Closing and opening it shows the bin again.

Loos like the very old computer science error - miscalculation by 1? :slight_smile:

Sorry, I can’t follow your description. Can you record a video of what you’re experiencing?

Sorry no video - it’s rare - so quite hard to reproduce - but I can try to describe better:

  1. setup tow email accounts (A, B) in K9 and show the incoming emails both together in the common inbox (in German “Gemeinsamer Posteingang”). For test, lets have 8 already read emails there (gray colored background).

  2. set the sort order that the newest emails are at the top (maybe default)

  3. mark one of the “old, read” emails with a star (favorite) so that it resides on top of teh list now.

  4. get one new email from account A, one new from account B, one from A, one from B, 2 from A, 2 from B, 1 from A, one from B, so you have 10 new emails (white background) in the list below the topmost starred one.

  5. scroll down to the last (downmost) new email and open it as if you would read the new email

  6. in this view, click the trash symbol top. The message gets deleted and the next new email is opening up automatically.

!! here it happens sometimes, that you hit the trash symbol, but you do not see the next new email, but instead the same again - even if you just klicked the “delete” recycle bin. So you think, you did not succeed klicking the trash and you click again. Another unread email openes up, but one email, that you did not yet see, goes to the trash somehow by the first trash click !!

As I say, it’s hard to reproduce, but maybe you understand better now.

Greetings from Berlin!

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A small note: if starred messages show up at the top of the list, you’ve sorted your list by “star” (the date will only be used as secondary sort criterion).

From your description I still can’t tell if the message you’re trying to delete doesn’t disappear immediately and then your try to tap the delete button again, but before you do the next message loads and you inadvertently delete that one, too. Or if another message loads and it looks like the message you just deleted. But when you delete that one a message that you haven’t seen in the message view is deleted instead.

As far as I can tell neither the sort order nor the number of accounts is important to understand the problem. Can you describe the problem again with a list of messages named A to C, with A being at the top of the list, C being at the bottom. You wrote you opened the bottom-most (unread) message. So C in our new example. When you delete C you expect to see B next. But what happens instead? Do you see C again, and when you delete it, you’re being shown A. And then B and C can be found in the trash folder?

ok, I do not tap quickly on delete. if the error happens, it looks like the deleted message disappears and the next one is loaded, like when functioning properly. BUT it is the same message loaded again.

your descrtiption of the A B C is nearly correct:

When I delete C, I expect B to see next. Instead I see C again, and when I tap delete again, B goes to the trash, and I see A.

AND: Sometimes the opened A message that I see then has no trash symbol at the top.

Another “impression” - I think it happens only if B and C or B and A come from different email accounts, but not sure