Email reciptent <unknown sender>

comes in fine in my PC outlook and from an application called contacam. checked the header and everything looks fine in it.

i was able to reproduce the issue using the mailsend utility. just k9 shows

the subject and timestamp shown in the message headers don’t appear to match up with any of the messages in your message list, so it’s hard to know if the message whose headers you are displaying is exhibiting the “unknown sender” issue, and so what to look for.

they were 2 different emails, i thought it would help

The header line

From: home0 .53 laundryroom <>

is not valid. Because the display name contains a . it has to be encoded like this:

From: "home0 .53 laundryroom" <>

Thanks, I will remove the . and try it

worked like a charm. thank you so much

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