Email notification for multiple mailboxes

I have two mailboxes on my app, and sometimes I want to know which account this email notification relates too.
ie I just see the email which is ok but it doesn’t tell me which account its for?

It would a good feature to add?

Also a setting to auto load folders would be good too

I have several accounts (no unified inbox if that makes difference). When I get notification on the accounts then I see

  • difference in colour corresponding to setting in K9
  • on right side of title “K-9 Mail” I see the name of account I chose.
  • below that the mails are listed with sender and subject

Does it work differently for you?

I think I was a bit hasty for some reason I didn’t see it earlier but now.

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on second parse I did see this come again, seem the mailbox source seems to come and go see attached image the two emails based on the colour are from difference mailboxes but the email source isn’t shown
I did swipe down again later and it did display… not sure why it sometimes doesn’t show…