Email handlers in Chrome

It used to be that when I clicked on an email address on a web page it would automatically open and you email in K9 with the appropriate email address filled in. Something has changed and I no longer can do this on my phone.

I’m using Android 13 with a Google Pixel pro 6.

Any help will be appreciated because this is annoying.

I do not have Android 13 and/or Google phone. And you did not mention what happens instead on your phone.

I checked on my S7 with K9 6.305 (Beta) and it works fine for me.

I would assume that you have somehow set the standard behavior / standard app for mail adresses in android to something different than K9. Check in your android settings and search for standard-app.

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i just tried this on a couple of sites with a pixel 6a, android 13, chrome 105.0.5195.136 and k-9 6.305 and it worked as expected – populating the k-9 “To:” field.

as asked above, please indicate what behavior you are seeing instead.

There was an update to Android System Webview that broke the MIME handlers. Just download the updated update from Playstore and the MIME handlers should be back to working order.

(I regularly have this issue with ed2k links; Google forgets to include any MIME type beyond their “holy list of 16 important types”. Then, lots of bug reports and angry users later, they re-include all other MIME types back in for the corresponding intends to be triggered in Android)

my webview version, which shows an update date of the 14th, has the same version number as my chrome version above - which also shows an update date of the 14th.

on a pixel 5, android 13, k-9 6.305 i have a chrome version as above (.136), but a webview of .79, updated on the 5th, and it works there too.

Thank you to everyone who has responded and spent their time trying to help me with this. I finally figured out the problem. It had to do with a permission that had accidentally been reset.

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