Email forwarded without attachments when the forwarded message is not fully downloaded


When I forward a mail with attachments that are not yet downloaded, the mail recipient recieves the mail without attachments (unexpected). However, when I first download the attachments by clicking the “download the full message” button at the message bottom, then forward the mail, the email recipient recieves the mail with all attachments (expected).

Is it a bug?

As a workaround, I may configure the mail account to set the mail retrieval max size to “any Size”, but thats not very practical.

Thanks in avance.

K9 mail version : 5.806
Android version : 11

Yes, I can reproduce it. I would see it as a bug, as I would expect a message box telling you that you have not yet fully downloaded it when you try to forward a not fully downloaded mail.

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This problem has existed for a long time, also in old versions of the app.