Email Address Auto-complete problem

I have two problems.

The first is that when I am typing an email address, in this case when I am sending something to, it converts to the iconified after the a after the @ before I can type the rest.

So it goes from msaroff@a to msplusa-icon before I can type the x (or whatever)

Additionally, once it is in there as the iconified email address, I CANNOT EDIT IT.

I can delete, and attempt to retype the email (I literally need to enter in garbage to prevent the auto-complete until I am done), but I cannot edit the email once it is iconified.

I would note that I have a large number of msaroff@ email addresses, and I don’t mind it suggesting an alternative, but autocompleting to an UNEDITABLE email address is very real problem.

Sonim XP-8 running Android 8.1 using the Gboard keyboard.

From your description it sounds like this bug:

You could give the beta version a go. It doesn’t contain this bug.

I have found a work around, I type it into the subject, cut it, and then paste it into the to: field.

Also, why can’t email address be edited once it is “iconified”?

There’s no good reason for it. It’s something that is hard to do with the software library we’re currently using to display the “recipient boxes”. Fixing this is definitely on our To-Do list.