E-mails missing

I have an IMAP account in my K9 mail client. The proble is it does not show every e-mail which is on the server.
It seems that only mail which where sent, deleted or whatever by K9 are shown. It does not matter which folder. Only the inbox seems to work properly.
Other mail clients on my PC and laptop work well with this mailbox. No similiar issues :frowning:

Any ideas how to fix that?

Many thanks


It sounds like your client isn’t reading the folder list correctly for some reason. So, the first thing I’d try is the “refresh folder list” – found under the three dots, upper right, under manage folders. If you have multiple accounts make certain you are doing this when you have the desired account selected.

Once you’ve done that, I would select one mailbox/folder. then select the “clear local messages” option.

When you’ve done that, go back to the account proper (not under manage folders) select that mailbox/folder and swipe the screen down to refresh. You should see a spinning circle and a “loading messages…” message. If all is well, it should populate the display with the most recent messages from the server.

There are some other settings - found under settings/fetching mail - that can have an effect on whether a mailbox/folder is polled and what gets pulled – e.g., the sync messages from setting, a folder’s class and the folder classes in the poll/push folder settings.

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Hi njeyaakili,
Many thanks for the fast feedback! Here’s mine:

  • Until yesterday the mail server administration wasn’t set to automatic delivery of standard folder, but the issues were similiar before.
  • The mail server is now set to send standard folders for IMAP automatically
  • I already tried „Refresh folder list“: No success
  • There is currently only one account in my K9
  • About „clear local messages“: Where can I find this function? Is it an account or general setting – German translation?
  • Current situation: The Sent-folder shows mails up to 2018 and than there is a big gap until yesterday – similiar in Archive and trash. Somehow K9 does not read a big amount of old e-mails. The inbox is ok.
  • I also reinstalled K9 yesterday but no effect: Manual app cache cleaning?

EDIT: I have the new version of K9. As far as I understand this article View Accounts the „clear local messages“ seams not to be there. Isn’t it?