E-Mail list not always showing sender

When I look at the list of e-mails in my inbox, the first line for each mail shows the subject, while the second line shows the sender - mostly.

For some e-mails, the second line shows “To:” and then my e-mail address. In these cases, the profile picture for these mails also changes to my own picture.

This consistently happens for at least one person regularly sending me e-mails.

I have tried all kinds of settings, but this behavior never changes. I can even see similar behavior in the screenshots in the K9 documentation here:

How do I make K-9 always show the sender?

Thanks in advance for any help!

When the app has determined that you are the sender of a message it won’t display the sender’s address, but the recipient’s address prefixed with “To:”. This should be the case for all messages in the Sent folder.

To figure out whether you are the sender of a message the app compares the ‘From’ address in the email with the email addresses of all identities belonging to the account the message is stored in.

You can see a list of the identities configured in K-9 Mail by going to account settings, then ‘Sending mail > Manage identities’. Does this list contain an identity with the email address of that other person?

Yes, that did it! Thank you so much, this was driving me crazy :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. I hope you can enjoy your K-9 Mail experience now :smile:

Absolutely! It’s the best e-mail client around. :sunglasses:

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