Duplicate Pushbullet Notifications

Would anybody have an idea on why K-9 Mail gives duplicate Pushbullet notifications when mirroring to the PC? I’m asking here because it works fine with every other app I use, it’s only K-9 that’s affected. I only have 1 notification on my phone but am seeing a duplicate on my desktop.

I’m also having issues with push notifications for my Outlook account, they seem to work on my old OnePlus phone but not on my Samsung.

Using a Samsung Z Flip 5, One UI 5.1.1, Android 13, on K-9 Mail 6.708.

Just to be clear: You are talking about notifications on PC generated by the Windows Your Phone app, correct?

Do these notifications by any chance look slightly different?

If so, one notification is generated by the “messages” channel, the other by the “any app notifications” channel. If you blacklist K-9 from the latter, you should only receive the real message notifications.

Should you experience actual duplicates, i.e. the notifications look identical, please contact Microsoft support and ask for Your Phone app support.

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Unfortunately no, the program/app I’m using to mirror notifications to my desktop is Pushbullet. Thanks for the idea of trying out the Windows Your Phone app, I’ll see if that causes issues for me, I can transition to that if there’s no issues.

I am hoping to get it working with Pushbullet however, I’d like to avoid using my Microsoft account on Your Phone.

It does seem like I’m hearing a double vibration when I get K9 emails, is there any way that it’s repeating the notification?