Duplicate email notification (version 6.400, android 12)

I know that the issue is supposed to be fixed but I am using version 6.400 and I am still receiving another duplicate notification each time I remove one.
I am NOT using a gmail email, but a free.fr one
I am on Android 12
Can you help ? Thanks

Pretty sure it was fixed several versions ago, I suggest you update yours. You can find all the new (beta) versions here.

OK. It is supposedly fixed (Notifications on new emails reappear after removal (notification bar) · Issue #6426 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub) but latest released version 6.400 (the one I have) has been released on Nov 28, 2022, but the fix has been made on Dec 12, 2022. I guess I just have to wait for the next release to be available in f-droid :frowning:

I show 6.502 and 6.503 both in F-Droid. They were added on 2023-01-16 and 2023-01-20, respectively. Neither has Recommended status and won’t be automatically shown as suggested updates by F-Droid.

oh that’s right. Do you know why they are not recommended ?

Hi, these are Beta versions in active development of new features - normally are stable enough to use it. But with Beta you always need to be prepared that something gets broken.

I am also using these Beta versions and they work stable for me. I am on 6.504

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