Drafts are not synced

Recently, I have a problem with automatically (and also by purpose) saving drafts. It always only saves the empty draft, no text or any is saved with.

But, in the list, i see the subject and the first two lines of the content, but when i open the mail, it’s completely empty. When i try to copy or to move them, k9 tell’s me, that it is impossible to move or copy mails which ar not synced with the server.

That seems reasonable, but, i checked my settings and i do not see what i probably missed. Syncing is set to automatic and all other settings, as far as i see are also correct.

Oh, i should say, i use imap (not pop3).

Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

I have the exact same problem since the last release. The extra carriage return issue in drafts is fixed but “sending empty” emails is killer. It seems to happen on responses to longer emails that are saved as a draft before sending. I sometimes see 4 or 5 garbage characters appending to the begining of the reopened draft. That is a signal that the draft will be sent empty. It is frustrating that the 2 preview lines in the sent email actually show part of the correct email but it is empty when you actually open it.