Drafts andSent Mails are Not daved

I need some help, k-9 is not working on xiaomi Poco x3 nfc as expected. It did well on Samsung S9 with the same configuration. It seems it is not syncing/saving sent mails.

Could you pls provide some support?

  • What are you trying to accomplish?
    Writing a draft and saving it
    Saving/syncing sent Email

  • What are your Observations?
    Cant save drafts. The option is greyed out.

Sent messages are sent out but are not saved neither local nor on imap server.

No error Messages for smtp/imap server configuration. Receiving/sending emails works fine
Sent folder is updated when I sent emails of the same imap account from other devices like a desktop pc.

  • Other info?
    Same configuration worked fine on Samsung S9 duos

  • What K-9 Mail version are you using?
    5.728 see screenshots

  • What Android version and device are you using?
    Xiaomi Poco x3 nfc w/ miui12.07(android 10)

Any help is appreciated, thx in advance.

Hi. You probably still need to configure a folder to hold the drafts.
Settings > [Account] > Folders > Drafts folder

Thanks cketti for advise. That solved the problem.

I was not aware that I have to assign folders when I create an account.

And btw, great app!

Usually you don’t have to. By default the configuration for special folders is fetched from the server. It appears that your server doesn’t support this particular feature (or doesn’t have a designated Drafts folder). In that case you’ll have to manually select one.

The plan is to make this manual selection part of the account setup process in cases where the server is not providing the necessary information.