Newbie here!!
I’m using the latest k9 version.
Email isn’t being received in a hotmail account from k9 and when attempting to send a message from a hotmail account to k9, i get a message indicating “their domain isn’t properly registered”.
I’m sure it has to do with something i don’t have set up on this pixel 6.
Not sure where to begin!!
Please advise,

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This is relative:

I’m using the latest k9 version.

please indicate the specific version - see settings/about.

Is it only a specific Hotmail account that isn’t receiving mail you are originating in K9, Hotmail accounts in general, or all recipients?

You don’t send mail “to K9”. K9 is simply a mail client connecting to a mail account at some service provider. So, if when sending to some recipient from Hotmail and getting the “isn’t properly registered” message (that’s a slightly odd message in general), there is likely an issue with the hostname being used. With more details - e.g., leave out the recipient, but show the hostname - there will be more to go on to try to provide some direction.

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Thanks for responding,
This k9 version is 6.602.
I tried a different outlook account and received the same message.
I understood that i set up a k9 email account. It’ s likely i have the wrong address. How do i determine what email address i should be using when sending messages to what i thought was a k9 email account?
I tried attaching screenshots and the log yet the system doesn’t recognize the extension of the screenshots.
Not sure what other details i can provide or how to get them to you!

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What is @
I understood it to be an email account??!!

Where do you get this “” from?

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As I indicated above, K9 is a mail client. There’s no “K9 email account” as such. Rather you use K9 to retrieve mail from a server like outlook/gmail/gmx/… for a mail account you have on one of these services.

If you go to:

settings/[account/]fetching mail/incoming server

in K9 you’ll see the parameters you need to fill in to point to a mail server and associated account (e.g., on outlook) that K9 will retrieve your mail from.

  • [account] in the above path is a name that you have assigned to this specific configuration.