Does not save sent emails!

Using K-9 I sent some critical emails. I did that three times. They do not appear in the sent folder. The account is IMAP… I use K-9 to augment Thunderbird on my PC and don’t send emails through K-9 often. Have not sent one in a long time. Looking around I saw an option to copy sent emails to the server. That obviously does not work. I should see my sent emails in the sent folder the way I used to. I know modifications are being done to K-9 since Mozilla took it over.

Check if Settings > Account > Folders has the correct Sent folder set.

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Looking at folders, for sent it had “automatic (none)”. A couple of others were that way, too. Who the hell made this decision when changing the app? I’m very glad there’s a way to fix it, but if I have a sent folder, the setting should be pointing to the sent folder. For my Gmail account there was not an issue and folders were set where they should be.

The issue I have is, when the app was changed, if the sent folder was not assigned when sending an email a warning or prompt should have appeared to that effect providing a way to set it at that time. I’ve been using K-9 for years. To suddenly have important email I sent not saved anywhere, due to poor decision logic by a developer, perturbs me somewhat.

I fully agree and I also wonder the same thing.

This is so totally NOT understandable, which is the reason I do this “+1” post.

Pjng @cketti .

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If I recall correctly, a warning is on the agenda.

The problem is that mail servers can be queried about the functionality they support. Auto discovery of folders is one such function. If the server replies that it supports the functionality but then does not return a (complete|correct) folder list, the mail client (here K-9) is left in a limbo.

I think that there are three options to choose from:

  1. Do nothing (K-9 behaviour)
  • bad option
  1. Use a default folder
  • bad option as mails may be stored in wrong folder. Also, if the server does not support folder creation, this may lead back to limbo.
  1. Ask the user what to do
  • good option