Does K9 implement "Profile" Thunderbird file structure?

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I am a long-time (14 years) Linux exclusively-Thunderbird user. The “Profile” structure is highly modular - everything “User” is in a single folder per profile that can be called from the Linux command line: thunderbird -profile “path / prof-folder-name”

I just got my 1st cellphone (Galaxy A14) and am in the process of putting K9 on it. If K9 implements the “Profile” structure that can be stored on the installed 64gb SD card that would be FANTASTIC! This would imply that I could easily experiment with K9 Profiles by merely swapping the names of the Profile ‘top folder’. That is one of the greatest features of Linux Thunderbird, especially when it comes to backing up ALL of my email account configurations and mail.

Does K9 use a single “Profile structure folder” that can be configured to be stored on the ‘extra’ installed flash memory card?

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K-9 Mail doesn’t support multiple profiles. On Android apps are also isolated from each other. So generally you can’t access app-private storage using a file manager. That’s good for security and is also the reason why we don’t support putting your email data in a place that can be accessed by multiple apps, e.g. an external sd card.

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Thanks for the prompt and excellent explanation. I live a ‘sheltered’ life mostly on a desktop running LiveMedia Linux Mint from ROM - no hard drive! I have half a dozen locked KANGURU thumbdrives from LM8 through LM20.2 to access otherwise obsoleted functions (printer drivers, apps, etc.). I have a separate R/W thumbdrive for Thunderbird email and I am able to keep and access all of the old versions and profiles - one compatible profile for each Mint version ROM.

I am nearly 80 years old and have battled the trend for 15 years, but it has gotten impossible to live without cell phone MFA. So, I finally got a Galaxy A14 phone (actually a VIDEO GAME programmed by GAME PROGRAMMERS) and HATED IT for about 3 weeks until I finally BEAT the sucker into submission (well, mostly) and can independently LOCK everything down (all but 3 functions extremely conveniently). It is OK now, but I have to put a couple of email accounts on it and found K9 when I was searching for Thunderbird. I LOVE Linux Thunderbird … it is my most major computer tool outside of Google Maps. I also have heard and sympathize with all of the many heartrending cries of “Who MOVED MY CHEESE!” from long time K9 users. After email, I need to find an excellent conveniently controllable “White List” program for Phone and SMS/MMS.

I will try the latest stable K9 release version in a week or so and see how it goes. I may totally enjoy it since I only have desktop Thunderbird to compare it to, and I am VERY experienced with that.

Thank you for your valiant efforts toward a solid email platform for cell phone users. I found the Thunderbird Donation Link and will put a “drop in the bucket”.

Blessings in abundance, all the best, & ENJOY! [ Philippians 4:4-8 ] !
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P.S. - It sure would be nice to have a “Preview Mode” for the forum “Compose” page. If it is there I haven’t found it?

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While you’re typing you have a preview of how it will look, on the right side of the box where you’re typing :slightly_smiling_face:

At least on my Waterfox browser in Windows - while I too am an oldtimer I have stuck to Windows ever since playing with DOS and then Win 3.1 :innocent:

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When using a condensed screen, such as on a mobile device, you can toggle between compose and preview modes with the button on the lower right.


If one’s android has the work profile setup, which might require their employer to turn something on, you ought to be able to install K9 into that profile and set it’s accounts, while having a second K9 in your normal personal profile.

I think, but haven’t tried this with k9. I do this on my phone with a couple apps that live on each side but have different data.

Might also be able to swap to another user account on the phone too get some app isolation, I think…