Does anyone use this Widget plugin with K9? Any feedback?

The current Widget for K9 only offers a display of the Unified inbox, with no additional configuration settings. I did a quick Google search and came across this:

Does anyone use this? Is this safe for use? Is the developer ( KBS Development s.r.o. ) someone we can trust? Or someone trying to take advantage of cketti’s great work with k9?

I do not know it and I do not know if it is trustworthy. But last time update was done April 2020… so, not sure it still will work with latest versions of K9.

Good thing seems to be that it only needs a single permission: read mail. No internet access requested - sounds good…

The API used by that third-party widget is deprecated and will not work with K-9 beyond version 5.6.

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That’s… great news, actually. It spares me from having to look further into this widget =). Thank you, tchara!