Documentation for the android version


I’m looking for documentation for the android version of K9, particularly the messaging rules.

the goal being to make a rule in order to filter, in the unified box, so that only really important emails arrive on my mobile phone. I have 5 pop3 email accounts.

Do you have a link please?


K-9 doesn’t currently have support for rules … and even if it did … if you want to keep certain messages from being delivered to the client you need to do the filtering before they reach the client, not after - i.e., the filtering needs to be done on the server.



Thank you for your answer.

I didn’t express myself.

in fact we can sum it up like this.

“if incoming message = known then do nothing otherwise trash”.

this is why accounts are managed with protocol pop 3.

the PC, when it is turned on, manages and organizes messages in imap protocol.

But there might be something simpler.

Are you working on messaging rules for k9?

Do you know of a client capable of making messaging rules on a unified folder?

Thank you for your work, it’s valuable.

It depends on what you are willing to invest and what technical basis you are willing to use.

If you have Windows machine running and are using Thunderbird or Outlook, just create your rules there.

If you are running your own server, create some server-side rules, e.g. with dovecot.

If you are only on mobile devices, then try FairEmail.

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Thank you for your response.

I seem to have tried fairmail but I tested so many that I don’t remember.

I discover that on PC (win10) I have the same problem I had hope with k9 but it’s the same outlook it’s worse in short not easy to manage several mailboxes.

But why is it so complicated to make a simple unified box?