distinguish between read and unread

I am glad that the development continues. I find it very difficult to distinguish between read and unread emails. I would prefer a different color, eg white and gray

Did you check “Settings” » “Global” » “Design” » “Change color when read”?

thank you I lost the setting. however I would prefer a different solution. I would not set bold. I would use two colors of your choice. I upload an example from Xiaomi mail client

In “Settings - Global - Display - Change colour when read” check box.
My Inbox background is charcoal gray; when the message is read the background is black. It is very easy to distinguish the difference.
I do have Dark Background as my K-9 default so I’m not sure what the colors might be if you have a Light default.

I think K-9 is the perfect email for Android phones, no complaints about the mail at all, just Google/Android keep messing things up (like Windows does with PC’s).