Display time and date of message

Should be able to display time as well as date of message when viewing folder contents. At present only see time for today’s messages, older ones only show date (or day). Even if open messages don’t see time.
Version 6.507 on Android 11, Samsung tab a10


Its awful! There is no time at all in the listings!!!

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You can always display the headers for a full timestamp.

That is a terrible design. The day/date and time are often very important to see. Why would that not be part of the primary display?

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I also miss this very Important Feature - it is a major announce to click for it - because I need it dozens of times a day.

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Yes this is super annoying! Please bring it back - at least as an option. I work often with people all over the world and it is frustrating to wake up an see a list of 60+ mails that all came on e.g. “Thur” - without time of the day. This is not user-friendly or helpful when you have to organize a lot of communication.
What makes product managers think hiding information is a good way to make products more user friendly?!

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There should be an option to show time on the summary screen. It shows for today’s email, and with a little planning the day and time could both show, for older messages. Again, that could be an option because some of us really want that, and others do not.

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If really someone thinks, that the time is not important, than make the display optional. On the list there is little space, so there it might make sense to show either the time is its from today or the date for older mails, but it is ridiculous not to show both time and date on the display of a mail, than there is all the space you need. Iz K9 open source, canI do it my self?

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No time, no coffee :frowning_face:

One year, no coffee ?

Till time come back :+1:

Old thread, I know, but the demand for this is still there. :slight_smile: And I agree with the OP.

In a list of messages I can sort of understand it, but definitely not when viewing individual mails in K-9.

(In general I don’t like relative time either, we see it in news pages etc. “30 min ago”, “1 day ago” then suddenly if more than a week, there’s a date. I know there are plenty of situations when people talk and say “1 hour ago”, “last week”, but it gets messy on the web and in mail etc. (especially on the web since people tend to update pages).)

But also in a list in K-9, it gets confusing mixing ways of showing when something arrived; you can see something like this:


Then suddenly:
10 May

It’s not a consistent user interface.

As for individual e-mails, if I need I don’t select full headers for that, I simply tap on the address/name/day/date/header, and it will show from and to and full time and date; I assume that is how it is supposed to be used. But it would be very convenient if it was there.

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