Display only new or starred emails inside a folder

Hello all,

I have been using K-9 Mail for Android for several years now. Since the UI was changed some
time ago, I miss the feature of directly displaying only new or starred emails contained in a folder.
In the past, you could simply tap on the number displayed next to the folder name in the folder
overview and only these emails were displayed. I used to use this all the time. The only way I
know of to achieve this now is to display the contents of a folder and then sort them accordingly.
But that’s way to complicated compared to the old way. Is this really the only way or am I just too
stupid to understand how to do it…?

Many thanks in advance and best regards




I’m also in need to just show the new message and not just sort the new ones to the top. I have like 12000 old messages and I don’t read 90% of the new messages, only if something sounds interesting in the subject line or the messages is from one of my contacts. Right now I’m using outlook to mark all the messages read, because this one doesn’t select all 12000 old messages. But I would like to not have to use two programs for email. So I think OP suggestion will fix my issues too. Like only show new messages in a unified folder, select all, mark all read.