Display "next poll in .." >5.600

Hello to all :wave: !
I’m using K9 for several years and I like it really.
I followed the updates on my tablet to version 6.400 but on my phone I stuck on version 5.600, because I can’t get over to loose some feature that I’m missing in the “new UI” - the “next poll in …minutes”-information in the headlines of the accounts and folder screens.
So, are there considerations to reintroduce this feature in a similar way?
I know how to update manually folders, accounts or all accounts on one swipe, but for me it’s a very usefull information to know either that the last sync (as configured in settings) was succesful or how long it is to the next sync.
If there are syncing issues, do K9 report this ? Immediately after the first failed sync?


I don’t think it is possible to add this, because the new way (required by recent Android) to schedule background tasks is inexact: K-9 requests how often it wants to get synced, and the Android system syncs somewhere around that time - but not that exact time. The reason is that it can then combine syncing of multiple apps and therefore save battery.

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OK, I understand.

Is there any function to cover/recognise syncing issues ?

Not on AOSP and Google builds. You would have to root the device.

As a work around, you can go to Settings and Google Sync. If there are exclamation marks or X’s, you definitely have a sync issue (if Google can’t sync, your other apps are unable to do so either - most use Firebase or similar services that require Google support).

Thank you,
It’s a pity :worried:. The advantage of the “next poll in …”- information in the previous UI is, that it is present at every look on the messages. So without this information it can took several hours or more before you begin to investigate why there are no more messages.