Display messages in "Plain text"


I’m currently using v5.718

I would like to be able

  • to switch the display of the messages to “Plain Text” by default (instead of HTML) for a specific account (or to be able to choose if I prefer to display them in HTML or plain text)
  • to switch between plain/HTML for the message that is currently displayed

I didn’t find how to do it. Is it possible ?


Neither is currently supported. The relevant feature requests are:

Note that we’ll always use the WebView component to display message contents. So even when the contents of the text/plain part are displayed we’ll convert that plain text to HTML for display.

Ok, thank you.

These feature requests look old. Is there any plan to add this in a near future ? Just wondering because I saw there is a rather recent pull request https://github.com/k9mail/k-9/pull/3936

I’m in the use case where the content of the text/plain MIME part is more informative than the content of the HTML part. These are automatic emails sent by one of the big IT companies.

Hello @cketti,

Thank you for your ongoing effort in maintaining k-9.

Now that a new stable version has been released (5.800), are there any plans concerning the feature requests above ?

Thank you