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Hello. First time forum user, many years happy K9 user. I have a new problem that doesn’t seem to be described, although a similar one has. When I open an email message, after about a second, the header with reply arrow etc disappears. I have to go back, re-open it, and quickly click on the reply arrow. Or if I can estimate where my email account name was on the screen before it disappeared, clicking on that brings it back. LG V20, android 8.0.0, latest K9 ver 5.904 (just updated from 5.903, both behaved the same.
Thanks very much


I have very same issue, probably happened after last app update, I did not change any settings before/after.
HTC U11+ , Android 8.0.0

I’ve also noticed this lately. Is there a bug report for this already?

Same here.
This is a rather serious bug.
I’m surprised that a month later it’s still not fixed, especially since it was introduced in one of the couple recent updates.

For those of you who haven’t done so already: please post which K-9 Mail version, which Android version, and what device you are using. Please also post a screenshot.

I’m not seeing this on any of my devices. Without being able to reproduce the issue, it’s very hard to fix a bug.
As a first step you could install an old K-9 Mail version where things work as expected and then upgrade to the next higher version until the display issue appears. That way we should at least find out which version introduced the issue.

You can find all releases here: Releases · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub

Chances are it’s a bug in your Android version, not a bug in K-9 Mail. But maybe we can work around the issue.

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Hello. Same Issue.
Android 8.1.0
Medion Lifetab X10605
K-9 Mail 5.806

I could solve the issue on my HTC U11+

it is connected to the homescreen navigation bar automatic appearance setting (at the bottom of my screen): if it is turned on then the email header keeps being visible.
(I notice similar annoying behavior in my mobile bank app, the page just went blank after 2 seconds…), so the issue is IMHO not primarily K9.
(HTC U11 plus, Android 8.0.0, latest K9 version 5.806 from GPlay store)

Same here.
Android 8.1, Lenovo Tab4 8 (TB-8704X)
K9 Mail 5.806

Same issue here.

Android 8.0.0, Moto E5 Plus
K9 Mail 5.806

It doesn’t happen on every email. But when it does happen to an email, it always happens to that email.