Difficulty with dark theme changes

Layman speaking here but I’m struggling to tell whether my read messages actually are read now, because the overall colors of the dark theme are lighter. Even though unread messages are still lighter than read ones, the overall tone shift and the infrequency of me getting new emails means I go to my inboxes now and think “oh no, that’s a lot I missed” because the new “read” color is so similar to the old “unread”. I wish I could go back to solid black and white somehow, and may downgrade until then.

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Yes, i agree that this is absolutely the case. The old version had a VERY dark “read” message color. Basically black. Now it’s a gray tone that is very close to the slightly lighter gray of “unread” messages.


thank you for the screenshot! It’s a subtle change, but I’m relieved it’s not just me that’s noticed.

I’ve held off on downgrading to see if I can get used to it at all but 16 hours later… still pining for the previous.

in case anyone is interested in seeing a direct comparison to the above images, this is what the previous and much better version of K-9 looked like in the message list. Not only do we have a nice large “10” at the top showing me the total number of unread messages, but the unread messages themselves are MUCH brighter gray than the absolute black messages which are read already.