Denied access to "Office365 - Request AzureAD Applicatie Consent" due to the application's privacy policy not meeting Art.13 of the GDPR

Hello everyone, I have submitted K9 to be reviewed by my school in order to use my school email (office365) with K9. However, they denied it because of the privacy policy not meeting article 13 of the GDPR. Does anyone of you have some comments about this?

Also, somehow I am able to use which somehow bypasses this application check (and it’s not whitelisted either, I guess they use a different method of logging in, but it still uses “OAuth”, not sure what the difference is with K9’s oauth).

Can you ask them what they’d like to see added to the privacy policy?

The app only “collects” personal information on the device. And only what is necessary for the app to work (email address, display name). No data (personal or otherwise) is sent to the creator of the app (MZLA).


I have not yet received a reply, if I do so, I will keep you updated.