Deleting Mails dosen't delete them

Hi, So when i delete mail’s in the K9-Mail app, in the Unified Inbox (I have 4 accounts added), sometimes and most of times, when i get back in the app later, the emails i deleted are still there and they’re shown as unread too.
I don’t delete that much of them, maximum of 10-20, because i know if i take the time to delete more, they will just show up again.
And they appearing as unread is very confusing to me, because i need to check them again to see if i’ve read them or not, because i don’t want to miss a mail that may be important.

Any solution / fix to this, or i need to wait for bug fix update for this?

Version i have is 6.800 is latest as far as i know.

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I have a similar problem, except that the emails don’t delete in the first place. Actually, when I delete an email, it does not disappear from the list of emails (in both Inbox and Unified Inbox listings), but if I try to open one that I tried to delete it says (No Subject) and . Apparently, the email item is moved to the Trash folder, but just not deleted from the list in the Inbox.

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Please record a debug log so we can see what commands are issued to your mail server and how it responds. See LoggingErrors · thunderbird/thunderbird-android Wiki · GitHub

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How do I exactly upload the log?

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Just upload it to pastebin or another site where you can paste text, then post the link here. Although you’re probably better off following the linked guide and creating an issue in the bug tracker, like it says.

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The log didn’t record you deleting a message. Did you delete a message in K-9 Mail after enabling debug logging?

Hi, i deleted several mails over 2 days, that’s strange…

K-9 Mail doesn’t log to a file directly. It logs to Android’s in-memory log buffer that can only hold a limited amount of log messages. Exporting the log will write what’s currently in the buffer to a file.

So make sure to delete an email in K-9 Mail, then export the log right after.

I’ve let the debugging on for some more time and here is the full log of that.
It is long…

Sorry if I m dumb :frowning:

Also just for some context if I delete a mail exit the app and open it again is a chance that the mail will be there, it’s not for sure that if I delete one it doesn’t delete it, sometimes it gets deleted sometime it’s not.

Same thing. The log doesn’t contain a delete operation. But it also appears to be cut off in the middle of a log line:

03-27 13:30:34.946  6999  7038 D R

Did you upload the whole thing?

Hi again, sorry, apparently i didn’t

I uploaded it here

Pastebin i think has a limit i don’t know, i put the entire file there, and checked it this time :slight_smile:

The log contains 5 delete operations. In all cases the expected commands to move a message to the Trash folder and mark them as read are issued to the server and acknowledged with a positive response.

Also, none of the local operations to move a message or mark it as read seem to be failing.

If messages reappear later it’s probably not because of a bug in K-9 Mail.