Deleted mail doesn't show up in Trash bin or anywhere else

I’ve run into a serious problem for me. Scenario:

  1. if I delete an email on the squirrel-mail web page it goes to TRASH and if I don’t PURGE
    that folder I can go back and look at and/or retrieve it.

    1. WHEN I look at my email using the app on my phone - K9MAIL
      and delete it there on my phone.
      I can not go to the squirrel-mail web page and find it in the TRASH folder
      and a global search doesn’t find it anywhere else. It’s gone and

I can’t believe K9Mail is causing this because it should only be
just telling the server, I’m using , that
I’m deleting the mail and do the delete routine on the server.
that should put it in the designated folder - like TRASH until purged

Is this not true? Can an IMAP app tell the server to delete the mail
and not move it into the appropriate delete-folder making it irretrievable?
AND does K9MAIL have this option somewhere that I’m accidently turned on?

Thanks in Advance

Joe F

Hi, please check if the mapping from your local trash folder to the corresponding folder on server is correct. Have a look at
Settings / < account > / Folders / Trash


That fixed it!!! god bless you!

I didn’t notice that delete folder could be NONE
so when I saw that I changed it to TRASH
and Voila! all it good.

thanks again
Joe F

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Please mark @stphn 's answer as solution.

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Great that this did solve it.

I hope in future K9 will show some info / warning that specific important settings are not done.

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