Delete from Server - downgrade version required

Hello, after the update to the latest veresion “Delete from Server” does not work anymore in “Fetchinfg email” section…

I can confirm that “Delete from Server” still works in previous version!
Until this does not get fixed… can you please advise where can I dowload previos version?
Thank you!

FYI. I have also noticed my POP3/SMTP Mail server config was changed during update to IMAP?? which is NOT my prefered setup! How could that be?!

I just tried it and the mail I deleted in K-9 v6.800 was gone in Gmail on my PC too. Unless you meant something different?

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Thank you for your feedback and your interest Nimueh!

I was was experimenting as well and found out that it works if I set it to “When pooling”.
My previous setting “Immediately” unfortunately does not work anymore…

So… After deleting an email on my phone, I also need to fetch emails again to refresh the server and ensure the email is deleted there as well.

*** UPDATE: I have just tested with Gmail as well. “Immediately” option works here too! …but unfortunately it stoped working with my email account I have at local ISP


F-Droid has all previous versions.

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Also on github

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