Default reply-to

I have an email alias that I use to forward to a gmail acccout.

When sending email, the alias uses my smtp server, configured so it is valid.

Incoming email goes to the alias, and then forwards to the gmail accout via zoneedit.

I have two accounts set up in K9. The alias is one (to send mail) and the gmail account (to reveive/check mail).

The alias account is set up in k9 to be the default sending email.

However, when im replying to someone who sent mail to the alias, its selecting the gmail account as the From account, where i would think the alias should be the default for the reply?

I wonder if k9 is seeing the gmail account in the headers and selecting it ?


Welcome @ricksk9 :wave:

K-9 Mail doesn’t consider identities of a different account when replying to a message. If you’re replying to a message and K-9 Mail can’t find a matching identity in the account the message belongs to, it will use the default identity of that account.

If you only send emails using your “alias” you could set up only one account with Gmail as the incoming server and your own server as the outgoing server.

If you send emails from the Gmail address and your alias, things are not great right now. You probably want to keep an eye on this feature request: Feature request: different SMTP for each identity · Issue #1117 · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub

Hmm, I’m not certain that answer reflects my question? I’m not talking about two identities within the same account.

I have two accounts set up in K9 (the alias, and gmail). The alias is set as the default, and has it’s own SMTP Server. It has no IMAPS/POPS account associated with it, so there’s no mailbox it checks. Mail is sent to the alias, the alias forwards to gmail, and I check the gmail account. Mail comes in to the alias address. When I hit “Reply” the default (the alias) isn’t used. Instead, the gmail account is used. But the To: address on the email is the alias, so I would expect the alias account to be set, by default, as the reply.

Both have their own SMTP server.

Mail sent to the alias is received, but when I hit reply, the Gmail address/account is used, instead of what is set as the default.

That said, I think I’ve figured out the problem. I have the alias set as an identity on the gmail account as well. Hopefully removing it will resolve the issue.

The way I understand it you have configured K-9 Mail like this:

  • Account A: alias@domain.example
    • incoming server: none/dummy
    • outgoing server: your SMTP
    • account is never checked for new messages
  • Account B:
    • incoming server: Gmail
    • outgoing server: Gmail
    • account is checked for new messages

You expect emails that arrive in Account B, but are addressed to alias@domain.example to use Account A when replying. But that is not how K-9 Mail works. Accounts are completely independent. And so the only identity configured for Account B ( is used.

You could add alias@domain.example as an identity to Account B. But that would use Gmail’s SMTP server to send the message. Presumably this is not what you want.

What I’m suggesting is to only use one account.

  • Account A: alias@domain.example
    • incoming server: Gmail
    • outgoing server: your SMTP
    • account is checked for new messages

When you configure K-9 Mail like this, replying to a message will always use alias@domain.example and your SMTP server to send messages.

Things get a bit more complicated when you sometimes want to send messages from alias@domain.example and sometimes from In that case you really need two different accounts because right now K-9 Mail only supports one outgoing server per account.

Yes, I do occasionally have to send email as the Gmail account. And yes, I don’t want to use Google’s SMTP server (because then mail is coming from GMail’s server with the wrong domain, and everything ID’s that (appropriately) as spam-like).

I did have the alias email address defined as an identity in Account B as well, I removed it in hopes of resolving, but that didn’t work. The From: address on reply gets set to the gmail account.

If, in account A, I have a defined identity (with the alias email address), shouldn’t K9 identify the Reply messages as that identity (matching by email address)? Or is K9 identifying messages based on the Account that the mail came from? (which I suppose aligns with “Accounts are completely independent”). That aligns with why your suggestion of the feature request for each identity having it’s own SMTP I suppose. sigh

I feel like something changed somewhere? I’ve been using K9 for a really long time, and it’s only recently I’ve been having this problem.

Maybe a hybrid I can fix this. I set the gmail account to never check mail, and then set the alias account to check mail (on Gmail) , and then also send mail (on my SMTP).