DB crash while moving from internal to external SD

Two of my mailboxes are POP3 so i need to backup the database and use it in my new phone.
Without root there is no possibilty to access the data.

I set k9 to use the external SD for storage. I know that this storage is also located on the storage built into the device, but this storage is visible and can be accessed via file explorers.

Everything worked fine for 1 of the 2 mailboxes, also the transfer to the new phone.

But as i moved the storage from internal to external SD for the second mailbox k9 stopped, maybe because of the huge amount of data. So now i only see the last 50 mails. In file explorer there is no DB-journal for this mailbox. But i can see in k9 that the mailbox has 1.2 GB data.
So i think the mails weren´t deleted, only the database-file has a failure.

Is there any possibility to recreate the database?

There’s no supported way to recreate the database short of throwing everything away and starting fresh.

Precisely to avoid these kinds of problems we don’t want K-9 Mail to be the only message store. That’s why we’ll most likely remove support for POP3 in the future.

Are there any ideas beside the official supported ways?

K9 isn’t the only message store. I have the inbox also on the desktop. But I mostly use the phone because I have it always with me. So everytime when I get a new one I have no access to the mails. Also to the sent because they can’t be transfered to the desktop.

I use this mailbox since 1999 and I don’t want to change it. But I can’t upgrade it to IMAP. So I have to live with POP3.

What are the reasons not to implement a backup function?

BTW, sry for my bad English, it isn’t my native language.