Date format setting


Since I switched my Galaxy note 10+ to english the dates for the emails are month/day/year.
I prefer day/month/year
is there any setting to do so?


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Try changing the date format I your Android settings. To my knowledge, K-9 simply follows the system setting.


I too have this issue.
I’m running Android 13, with K-9 Mail v6.713
Unfortunately the solution espoused by @tchara does not work, at least for me.
My languages settings are “English (Australia)” (and yes, I also tried with “English (United Kingdom)”)
In Android’s “Date and time” settings, my time zone is “GMT+11:00 Australian Eastern Daylight Time”.
There is no option to explicitly set a “Date format”, and the “Time format” section only has the options for “Use locale default” (and if that’s off, one can choose whether to use 12 hour (am/pm) or 24 hour format).

In all cases, K9-mail insists on using the US-specific “mm/dd/yyyy” date format when listing and displaying messages that are 7+ days old.

Try Settings / General Settings / Display / Language / English (British)

Then for me it shows dd/mm/yyyy.
With English it shows mm/dd/yyyy.

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Thanks for that.
It’s not an obvious option within K9, nor is it especially logical.
What’s more, technically British English is the only true English (no matter what the Americans would have you believe); so it’s a bit culturally rude by the developers to have the plain, undifferentiated “English” be American English.

Anyway, the solution worked and all is good (for now).

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