Data usage too high

Good evening

My phone and tablet are reporting an extreme increase in data usage over the last 2 days. I’m not aware that I have made any changes. I am especially concerned as I am travelling in a foreign country, and using mobile data.

Any suggestions? Please.

In an attempt to reduce data usage, I have reduced downloading to 2 days.

Thanks, Keith

Are you using pop or imap?

Is this increased data usage a general observation, or are the devices showing it to explicitly be K-9 usage?

I’m using IMAP.

The usage is being reported by android system as being K9 primarily, on both phone and tablet

To put the increase into better context, my telco advised at 00:32 yesterday that I had used 50% of my 16GB allowance; at 07:01 it was 80%; at 22:14 100%. The plan started on 4Sept, so 50% lasted 10 days. It’s 22:00 here now.

I’ve spent most of the day trying to top up my data

I just lost a large chunk of my draft.

I was asleep well before 00:32. I probably did a quick check of mail around 8:30. Serious (another loss of part of my response) reading started late in the afternoon.

I updated K9 to 6.304 after I posted last night. Don’t know what I was on, but the last update I did was several days ago.

My phone is reporting I’ve used less than 1GB to get all my mail, which kind of fits the average usage prior to yesterday.

Not sure what else I can say. I’ve really lost track things with the data losses

I’ll try and check in again in the morning

Thanks again. Keith

For that particular IMAP account, if you look at the Fetching Email settings, what are the values of:

Folder poll frequency
Poll folders
Push folders

From the advanced menu
Refresh IDLE connection

This may help to see what’s going on. On a theory.

Sorry for the delay responding. I have had several nights of no internet and a few more of holding my phone out the window to get anything. The manager at the B&B where there was no reception suggested EE as the only telco that worked there. Next time…

Secondly, usage returned to normal after I added a new data pack to my plan, after my original allocation was totally used. Am I allowed to be sceptical and suggest it was the mobile carrier caused the problem?

To answer the specific question about my settings, the only thing I changed was the number of days mail I downloaded to 2.

I’m on my way home now. I’ll look harder at usage stuff when I settle down.

Can I post screen shots here somehow?

Thanks again. And again, sorry I didn’t get back sooner.

Sure - use the little image icon above the text box here.


Thanks for that.

I’ll get back from home