Custom notification sound?

I used to have a custom new mail notification sound. Now K9 only uses the system notification sound.

I’ve looked around all settings and have not found where to set it.

Does this not exist any more?

It is still there. You can open the system notification settings screen by pressing the last item in K-9’s notification settings. Then tap the text “messages” (not the checkbox; pretty bad UI design by Google).

Thank you so much! Always set that within the app. Never thought to drill down I in the system menu.

Much appreciated!

Any possibility to choose different custom sounds for different mail accounts? The old sounds are still there as long as I don’t change them, but we’re switching mail servers and I’d hate to lose them…

I have a C major chord for private mails, A minor for work mail to my named address, and G7 for other notifications (SMS and so), so changing the generic custom one is no good here.

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Same place you select a ringtone - it has the options for every account. Unless you’re on an old Android version maybe? See screenshot - the lightblue edits are my different email accounts and longpressing “messages” takes me to the notification sound selection.

It does look quite different; yes, Android 6.0. I can change the sound to several pre-defined ones, but not select custom ones (and it doesn’t seem to look in the Alarms or Notifications folders). The strange thing is that the custom sounds I’ve set in an older version are still working.

Wow, A6 … that’s a BIT old lol. Sorry, no idea how it works there but I’m guessing there’s nothing you can do then - except upgrade to a newer Android version :woman_shrugging:

Did figure something out that I’ll try. Export the config, modify, re-import… I’ll check if that works.