Create folder with pop service

I´m using pop service (not imap). How can I creat new folders?

Sorry, this is not supported. You’ll have to use another client to create, delete, or rename folders and then refresh the folder list in K-9 Mail.

By the way, consider switching to IMAP if your provider allows that. It’s a lot less painful :slight_smile:

OK, could you suggest another client that you mentioned?

I don’t know other clients on Android (but there are probably some with folder management). When I want to create a folder (this only happens around 1-2 times a year), I use the email program on my PC or the email provider’s website.

You answer is OK for imap but not for pop !
That is my problem, I could not use imap.
Any suggestion to solve my problem?

K-9 does not support custom local-only folders. Most email providers support IMAP. I really suggest switching :slight_smile:

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Am I understanding that I can log into my pop account through the web (browser) interface, create new folders, and they will be available in k9 mail? And I can also move messages to or between these folders? I’ve had the email addresses on this service/domain, independent of any ISP, for 20 years. They use pop exclusively, because it’s the most reliable, with the least problems, and it works with every client. It is universal!

Why would it not be a good idea to fully exploit the protocol in K9 mail? And what is the big deal about a most common task as creating local folders?

I am pretty sure that this is not possible. The reason is that pop3 does not support folders. The protocol was invented a long time ago and having folders for emails was not a thing back then. Some clients build workarounds for that but to my knowlege, K9 does not support moving messages on pop3. I think it supports displaying folders.

I do not know any email client that does not support imap. It is the de-facto standard today that everyone uses. Pop3 was never meant to be used on multiple devices and misses some important synchronization features. Maybe you can ask your email provider about supporting imap.

The main idea behind K-9 is to allow synchronization. K-9 does not want to be your only email program and expects that you use email on your PC, too. Creating a local folder would make the email inaccessible on your PC. If you exclusively use email on your phone and plan to create local folders, I suggest to look for an email app that allows to export/backup the local messages. K-9 only supports exporting the settings.

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