Crashes when attempting to view an email

I have been using K9 for about a year and have been very happy with it.

Something has happened and I’m no longer able to view emails. Emails still arrive OK and I can scroll up and down the list of emails but when I attempt to view the content of an email, the list scrolls left a little, the selected email starts to appear from the right but then K9 crashes.

Usually at this point I’m back to my Android home screen but occasionally a panel pops up saying:
K-9 Mail keeps stopping
App info
Close app
Send feedback

I have clicked “Send feedback” numerous times but I don’t think it gets as far as sending anything.

Although most apps on my phone are working as normal, K9 is not alone, the app “Citymapper” has also started crashing.

Phone details:
OnePlus 5T (Model A5010)
128GB Storage (82 GB Free)
Android 10
K9 version 6.602

Are there likely to be any log files worth looking at ?

I would start by updating - 6.602 is the latest stable and 6.202 sounds pretty old :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Nimueh, my typo now corrected

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Have you tried clearing the affected apps’ caches? Additionally, also clear your Play Service’s cache if you have installed from Playstore.

Check whether you have got an update of Webview. That may be faulty; then roll back to the stock version.

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Thank you tchara, you nailed it. I had got “Android System WebView” disabled.

Note to self (that I will no doubt ignore). Don’t mess with stuff you don’t understand.

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