Conversation View


when I reply to an e-mail, this reply is stored in the “Sent” folder. So far so good. However, the reply does not appear as a conversation. Only when I move the first email and the reply to the same folder is the entire conversation visible together.

Since I also have the same behavior with Thunderbird on the desktop, I first suspected that the server was causing problems. However, other mail clients (e.g. emClient) find the mails and show a complete conversation.

Now I’m no longer sure whether it’s the client (K-9 Android, Thunderbird Desktop) or the server (Dovecot 2.3.13, Debian 11.9).

regards, Frank

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Since no one is answering here, can I assume that your conversations are displayed correctly? Even if your reply is in a different folder (Sent)? Can someone at least confirm this for me?

Conversation view is not supported yet