Conversation view available?

Dear users
dear support

is there any option to list emails in conversation view, please? That is to group emails according to In-Repy-To and Reference ids or subject similarity or else.

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In the 5.7nn beta version there’s a “threaded view” option under “general settings/display”. As it’s in general settings, it’s global, and applies to all mailboxes you may have set up.

I don’t have version 5.6 handy, but think that that option is in a similar location.

I’m not certain what field(s) it uses for threading.

Dear @njeyaakili, thank you for your response.

The option is on since the very beginning and I forgot about it. For me, it groups emails only in the separate folders. But I miss a conversation view including emails from all folders combined. Especially, emails from Inbox and Sent - but it should not be limited to certain folders.
– Sent from /e/ Mail.

K-9 offers a “unified” Inbox view, but doesn’t offer an option to show that type of view across folders within an account. One way to effectively accomplish a combined inbox/sent view is to bcc your outgoing mail to your inbox (this is effectively what the apple mail client does if you set it to bcc mail to yourself). The K-9 option for setting the bcc is under the account level “sending mail/composition defaults”. The added messages (some would say clutter) in the inbox isn’t ideal, but it does get one the inbox/sent threaded view.

Dear njeyaakili, thank you for the suggestion. I’m not any fan of hardcopies (BCc to myself). Later, it will be hard to remove duplicates, I guess. (I’m running out of space regularly once in a few years and BCc-ing shortens the do-not-care lifespan to cleanup the clutter.)

I’d rather explain my views better and vote for a feature which would allow for restructuring the folders and threads to a different view: flushing all the emails into a single virtual folder and listing conversations (called threaded view) as items and opening items from various folder (Inbox & Sent combined) in a single thread.

Is there any feature suggestion and voting system for k9mail app, please? Or how should I proceed? M

You can open an issue/feature request in the developers’ forum:

An identical issue is discussed here Threaded view across folders · Issue #735 · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub

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