Continuous spam, even after unsubscribing

Having trouble getting rid of investment spammers in my email. I’ll either mark it as spam or do an unsubscribe, which always goes to the same unsubscribe dialog page no matter who sent the spam email! Then someone else will send another investment spam message. Anyone have advice?

K-9 Mail doesn’t do spam filtering, so there is nothing K-9 Mail can do about that.

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Pressing the “unsubscribe” button for something you never subscribed to just shows the spammers that you actively use the address, leading to more spam, not less. (for something you did subscribe to, like the newsletter of some site you ordered from, that’s different, of course)


Ok, thx 4 that. But what about marking an email as spam and having more spam received from the same sender?

As far as I know marking a mail as Spam in K9 just moves that mail into configured Spam folder. Now your mail provider can add this to its heuristic to recognize that kind of mails as spam and move news mails to that Spam folder directly. Do you know if your mail provider learns from mails moved to that folder?

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Well, K9 is my mail provider! Do I have to configure that folder?

K-9 is not an email provider. The email provider operates email services for the domain to the right of the @ in your email address.