Contacts / Favourites

Hello, all!

I’ve been using K9 Mail happily for years. I maintain a separate email address just for it, as I don’t trust my phone enough to give it my main email account. But I read a lot of news on my phone, and quite often I send myself links with K9 Mail. Herein lies my question or request…

Is there a way to get a K9 recipient address into my “favourites” list? For Signal, for instance, frequent contacts show up immediately when I tap “share”, so I can easily select a contact and send something directly to them. The best I can manage with K9 is to bring up the application itself, and then I have to “type” in enough of my email address to have it narrow down to just that. I’d love to be able to tap an icon that fills in my email automatically, but I don’t see a way to do it, nor do I understand the underpinnings of how contacts are represented in Android and how they’re made available in the system so it knows to populate the frequent contacts list with them.

Thanks in advance for either information on how to do this or instruction to file an RFE, (and in that case maybe guildelines for what you want in an RFE).